Tackling recruitment before Christmas 12 . 07 . 17

It is widely acknowledged  that Christmas and New Year will have a noticeable impact on recruitment activity. However, there are some real benefits to recruiting before the holidays. 

Simply waiting for the New Year to recruit in an attempt to avoid the pressures and distractions of a hectic December may not serve your purposes. It is true that the festive period offers us all head space to reflect on what is really important in our lives and where and who we work with is a part of that picture.  We know that many people will return to work after a Christmas break and make a New Year’s resolution to find a new challenge. 

Equally, there’s likely to plenty of jobs on offer too, as companies see the New Year as a fresh start and the right time to recruit. But that means one thing – competition. With fewer employers recruiting this side of Christmas, a well timed recruitment push will mean you have access to a full talent pool of candidates, with the potential to take your pick and without the added risk of losing the candidate you really want or having to make more costly counter offers.

December is, traditionally, a quieter month. You may well be winding down for the Christmas break, but this makes it a great opportunity for recruitment. You will perhaps have a little more available time in which to focus on the recruitment process, and less day-to-day pressure meaning it can be an ideal time to meet with talented candidates. Even If you’re planning to hire in the first quarter of 2018, it’s worth pipelining and building a talent pool while you’re still this side of Christmas.